Can more than one body be cremated at a time?

The aperture through which the coffin passes in the cremator and the cremation chamber are of dimensions that will only safely accept one coffin. However, exceptions can be made in the case of a mother and baby or small twin children, so long as the next of kin or executor has made this specific request. At Baldarroch Chapel and Crematorium we hold Open Days which allows members of the public the chance to see ‘behind the scenes’ procedures in an attempt to enlighten the public on all aspects of the cremation process.  Many crematoria will carry out shared cremations of foetal remains in instances where parents do not want to make private arrangements. These are arranged via hospitals.. The practice of shared cremation is supported by Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity. More in depth details on our baby and infant cremation policy can be found here.